Thinking twice before hiring one of the National Van Lines?
The Differences between Choosing Independently Owned Moving Company and one of the National Van Lines are many!

We begin with the assumption that you have no idea about the differences are between one of the National Van Lines or your local Independently owned Moving Company. Let's start with the most obvious ways to help you decide what type of National Moving Service is best for you.


If you need to focus on the cheapest move ,you will have to do a fair amount of work yourself. Start by getting three free estimates from movers. We suggest checking with AMSA, FMCSA, US DOT and the BBB to make sure the moving companies you select are in good standing. Another useful tool is to Google the moving company's name on the internet and see whatand pops up.


LEt's assume that while moving cost is very important, you also want to ensure that everything goes smoothly with the move. This means that you should not just select any Local Mover. You need to consider a movign company that is active in your community and in your state's moving association. In most cases, your local mover will be a family owned moving company and will service your move all the way through (including out of state destinations). Their employees will pack your belongings, load and deliver your possessions and your local company does not use owner operators. When it comes to insurance for your move, your local moving company should have the ability to cover your items at what is called "full Replacement Coverage", and should provide you with formal proof of insurance other than what the National Van Lines will so by just checking off an option on your bill of lading. Also, make sure the company you select is licensed for Local Moving. This is important, as it will show you that the mover has Ties to The Community and that their business depends on providing quality service because their name is on the line with every move. with Full Replacement Value Coverage, and give you documentation other than what is written on your bill of lading. Make sure this company is also licensed for local moving, this is important. This will show you that they have roots locally and depend on their ability to provide quality service as their name is attached to there business.


When choosing one of the National Van Lines realize that until your truck arrives, you will be dealing with the local agent. With one of the smaller National Van Lines this can be a disaster. You see what a National Van Line does is provide the License for Moving out of State. There is quite a bit of paperwork involved with the United States Department of Transportation and the Federal Motor Carriers Administration that most small movers are not able to get there own Authority. So they will go to one of the smaller National Van Lines to become agents an then book out of state work.


The Larger Van Lines, this is a whole other animal unto itself. There have been horror stories through out the years of labor coming back to the home and raping the woman to robberies. This is because of the fact that the labor for the unload is day labor. Some of the National Van Lines have insisted that the local agents’ drug test Lumpers. But common sense tells you that for $10 per hour the labor cash, the labor in your home may have issues that you are now exposed to. So there are many different types of National Van Lines agents. The best are again family owned, on the Board of their local Moving Associations. Many of these firms are in their 3 generations and have this down to a science. But you must do the research and find them. Be weary of who has found you.


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